What we do

The STAR model helps churches and organisations work together to deliver appropriate support for those affected by addiction.

The carefully designed framework ensures these STAR communities operate with confidence and knowledge in an area of ministry that needs professional insight.

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Dates: Tuesdays, 25th April – 11th July 2023.

Free Online Recovery Course

The STAR Life Course is a free 12 week online course, supporting people with any addictive habit or behaviour.
The interactive course focuses on the importance of the mind, body & spirit in a person’s recovery journey.
Based on the 12 Step model whilst drawing in biblical principles and wellness including: teaching; identification; activation and steps to active life recovery.

Run by a team of people who have had first hand recovery experience who journey with participants to improve their quality of life.

The spring course will run on Tuesday evenings from 25th April – 11th July 2023. You can sign up for your free place below.

The S.T.A.R model

A STAR manager will work with the individual church, organisation or cluster of churches to take them through each part of the STAR model.

This model comprises four clear elements: Support, Training, Application and Reflection.

Every STAR community will have a bespoke experience, depending on need, existing knowledge and practice, and local support services.


STAR acronym


  • Initial meeting to gain an understanding of the local context and the current level of knowledge and recovery infrastructure within the church/organisation & wider community.
  • Establishment of a STAR core team to coordinate the work that will be undertaken to achieve STAR approval.
  • Creation of a set of action plans & mapping of local area, including budgets, timelines and project ideas.


  • Attend STAR mandatory training, including addiction awareness for all volunteers.
  • Agree on the course/s that will work best in the local context and equip volunteers to run the chosen course(s).
  • Ensure the team receives up-to-date additional training provision.


  • A commitment to delivery of a “Recovery Course” that is accessible to all those in the local community.
  • Ongoing support is being provided to all those in & affected by addiction. To include helping people to access services run by counsellors, statutory bodies & other organisations.
  • The participating church/organisation will be in this for the long haul, and every effort will be made to engage the whole church/organisation in an ongoing way with addiction issues.


  • Compile and evaluate data during the initial delivery period of STAR approval process.
  • Conduct a formal review with the Core Lead & team to consider what’s worked well, and where there are areas for improvement.
  • Create a plan for improving existing services or introducing new services – with associated Terms of References, budgets, etc.

Who we work with

STAR approval is awarded in two ways, either to an individual church or to a community (comprising at least one church).

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What makes a STAR church

Standard setup examples:

  • Large church.
  • Church with a large workforce of Recovery workers/volunteers.
  • Churches operating as hubs in highly populated areas of people and/or addiction.
  • Resource churches with large capacity of resources available to use.
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What makes a STAR community

Standard setup examples:

  • A group of churches in a locality.
  • A church and organisation working together.
  • A large employer organisation and a church.
  • Churches that don’t have all the resources yet between a group of churches they can work together to run addiction work.
  • Smaller churches that work in unity to address community issues.

Become a STAR church or community

Are you a church or community organisation with a heart to reach out to people in addiction in your community?
Don’t know where to start?  Need some help and advice?  Want to become STAR-approved?

Become a STAR-approved centre

For churches and organisations currently delivering  or considering recovery ministry.

Find a STAR-approved community

For individuals or family members looking for recovery support.

Find out more about STAR

Learn about STAR’s aims, vision and values for our community recovery approach.

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